Laura DavidsonAbout Laura Davidson and Her Work

My work begins with a picture, a poem, or even just a word, and builds from that simple thought by using a variety of colors, tools and paper.  All my artwork is inspired by my love of vintage materials, books, nature, or music.  Each piece becomes a unique artistic puzzle, with strategic placement of collage materials creating a pleasing and balanced tableau.  Embracing the age and imperfections of vintage materials, most work sits patiently spread around the studio for days or weeks waiting for a new color, texture, shape, word or picture until it finally “speaks” balance and feels fully developed.

As an elementary school art teacher, my job is to bring out each student’s best and authentic “creative self” through art discovery.  Not only by teaching my students about the creative process, but helping each student not be afraid to extend themselves and explore they discover there is no “right” way … only each student’s way.

Personally, this has been my journey as well.  I am a largely self-trained mixed-media artist.   I love to find something new to play with and incorporate in my work.  I enjoy hunting through flea markets to find inspiration and materials to cut, tear, paint, and glue.  These materials become texture and motivation for the artwork.  Removed from the original context, words and pictures begin a new and exciting life.

I hope my creative play brings you joy, kindness, peace, and a reminder of how we should treat our Selves and Others.